How to Improve Your Ball Selection in 8 Ball Pool

For beginner players, they may feel struggled when it comes to choosing what balls to take or choosing what ball to shoot when attempting to run out a rack. in this guide, we’ve put together some useful tips and tricks from experienced players to make it easier for you to improve your ball selection.

8 ball pool
How to Improve Your Ball Selection in 8 Ball Pool

With every shot in 8 ball, I take a few moments to look at the various patterns and lines to get around the table. One of the first things I evaluate is whether the conditions on the table are statistically viable for runout or not. If the run outlooks possible, I begin building a more detailed road map of how I will move to get to each ball. If the runout is simply not there, or they run out would difficult to predict the outcome of, then I will enter a defensive mindset.

With every turn at the table, I aim to improve the relative situation of my balls. This can be accomplished by offensive play such as potting balls, or with strategic play by carefully breaking out your balls. I generally use a roughly-estimated statistical evaluation of each potential shot choice to determine how I play my turn. I know my own strengths and weaknesses, and sometimes I know my opponent's strengths and weaknesses as well. I pick the shot (offensive or defensive) that gives me what I feel is the highest statistical chance to predict the outcome accurately. I look around the table and find a handful of really bad "zones" which will make my opponent got minimal shot opportunities. I decide which of these zones is easiest to get to, and I compare the location of these zones with subsequent shots in my run out patterns.