How To Win Every Match In 8 ball pool miniclip Easily?


8 ball pool miniclip

8 Ball Pool is a game of smarts, strategy, and luck. Without putting more time in to learn & understand this game for what it is, it’s very difficult to win easily. 
This game takes passion and dedication, just to be able to compete against good players. 
Now if you're not playing good players, well then there is an easier way, but I don’t like or suggest this way. The easy way is to just throw off your opponent from concentrating on making their shots (hustling). 
It’s not good etiquette to do this, as instead of relying on your own capabilities, you become reliant on the other player messing up.

Video Credit: Syed MK

For me personally, unless they are the creme of the crop hustlers, I will always put them in their place where they belong, giving me their money and knocking their selfish greedy pride right down. 
So if you want easy, don’t expect respect! If you want respect, then put the time in to learn & understand the great game for what it is, and not for the slapstick history it comes from!