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    1. Hello... OMG I had no clue these glitches and disappearing cues were part of a contest in the game. I am actually relieved that the developers were sponsoring a contest and that they weren't losing 8Ball Pool to hackers or something... I uninstalled the app from every device thinking it was a virus! Hey! I deserve free coins for missing the action really! Lol... Please advise me better how to get into contests etc. I'm an 8 Ball Pool addict and detest the hackers that tried to ruin the game for those of us who are honest (for the most part as I am an American and our constitution allows for us to plead a fifth amendment which protects us from incriminating ourselves or our close family) I'm not kidding, kitten... I am an 8 Ball Pool addict...
      Help me learn to utilize the extensions and see what I been missing! I'm also fresh investor in Bitcoin... Need I say more? Thanks, Prisma


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